Why Magic Black Girls?


One Magic Black Girl at a Time


With so many forces out there trying to diminish the inherent shine that we Black girls carry within, it's time that we build something of our own.  Let us hold a space for our girls to explore their identity and learn to stand in their own power.  In this space we come together to encourage, enlighten and empower every Magic Black Girl to tap into their magic, for themselves.  

Black Girl Magic is is that spiritual essence that exists in all Black girls from birth.  It is an unmatched combination of love, resilience, and wisdom that has carried us forward.  It has alloweed us to break barriers for centuries and become a powerfully aware and influential Black women.  

If you love a Magic Black Girl, then  join us on this transformative journey of encouragement, enlightenment, and empowerment.  Together we can create a place where we nourish, affiirm and uplift our Black girls -  one Magic Black Girl at a time.

Magic Black Girls Parent Connect


10 Rules for Connecting With Your Teen Daughter

Raising our girls to be healthy, brilliant, free-thinkers can be a challenge. We often make mistakes or feel like our words are falling on deaf ears, but there ways to strengthen your bond with your teen.  Read More...

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Raising Activists


Parenting the Resistance

"Recent years have seen many young people taking up the activist mantle and running with it." From walkouts to marches at the capitol, there have beeen  many demonstrations that brought multitudes of young people out for good causes. Read more about how to keep your young one safe as they stand up for what's right.

Parenting for Liberation

"Parenting for Liberation is rooted in an Afro-futuristic vision of a world where black parents are in community with each other to raise black children without fear and instead parent for liberation." Read more about raising Black daughters in power and love instead fo fear...

Help Her Take Action

Check out our latest blog inspiring young people to get active in community change.  The best way to heal a broken world is to do something about it. Read more...

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